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February 26, 2006
In section of "Article" are added 2 articles. One more picture on page of works Is added.

"Visio on two monitors"

"Almost confidentially in Visio 2003/12"

One more picture on page of works Is added.

"Examples of works".
The Next adventure of User Shape. This time it is Alien.

December 22, 2005
Eric Rockey, the Lead Program Manager for Visio, has started a blog that will cover the new features in the next version of Visio.

Visio 12 - Eric Rockey (English)

December 9, 2005
My own screenshots of Visio 12 "Screenshots" is added.

November 27, 2005
One more picture on page of "Works" is added.

November 18, 2005
So, first screenshots Visio 12 have already filtered into Internet.

Office 12 Pre-Beta Screenshot Gallery 9: Visio 12

November 17, 2005
Finishing an automobile theme. Pricking from photos gives nevertheless the deformed figure. In the world 3D already for a long time use blueprints. On time, all as, on the average 2 hours on 1 view. And on high-grade model in 3D 8 hours leave on the average.:-) not at me, certainly, but the fact. So, I spread all cars in one file:


Has left, it became more truly accessible Microsoft Office "12" pre-beta build 3111 in which, besides usual appendices it is included Visio. I.e. actually Microsoft Office Visio 12 pre-beta.

Microsoft Releases Technical Beta of Office “12”

November 11, 2005
Article "XML in Visio 2003" has been released on site.

October 15, 2005
Coming back to an automobile theme. Some manufacturers of cars absolutely normally use vector drawings in the advertising purposes and after import will absolutely normally be transformed in Visio shapes. So, for example, I easily managed "to move" in Visio some models of cars of company BMW. It is a pity, that Ferrari or Lamboghini so do not act.:-) though it is easy for correcting, but it another history.

Site BMW

The Next adventure of User Shape. This time it is the Fantastic four.

Chess for 5 minutes.

Chess (ZIP)

Chess (RAR)

October 04, 2005
Article "Raster multishapes in Visio." has been released on site.

September 29, 2005
Second service pack for Microsoft Office Visio has been released.

Microsoft Visio 2003 SP2

September 28, 2005
In difference from Visio, in ArhiCAD, for example, it was possible to turn the ready plan of a premise in 3D. Company WideDimensions offers addition to Visio with the same opportunity.


It would be interesting to try. Some time back I tried to represent a semblance 3D figures in Visio. The opportunity is real, but to make it through ShapeSheet very difficultly.

3D-Box(ZIP) (rotate white rectangulars)


Experiments on a theme of glass effects.



September 23, 2005
Recently there were many various articles and blogs on Visio in various languages. Besides English blog Mai-lan have appeared also already significant time there are following blogs:

Mai-lan's Visio Blog (English)

John... Visio MVP Blog (English)

VisioJ Visio Blog (Japanese)

visGeek Visio Blog (Japanese)

Visio Monitor Blog (Czech)

Now about articles:

Toggling Shapes in Visio: Special Deliverable #12 by Dan Brown

Stupid Visio Tricks by Dan Brown

Automating Diagrams with Visio by Michael Angeles

A series of stensils:

IAbook templates

Bug Visio 2003 SP1? Take a square, drag points as shown in figure and the figure will disappear, if the scale will be more, than 100 %. Strange? Yes, really. A bug?

In Visio 2003 there is such figure in stencils, refers to User. Here it:

But it only one. Look on another at heroes of the Matrix, Star wars, Batman and other adventures of this remarkable figure.

User Shapes(ZIP)

User Shapes(RAR)

September 20, 2005
Article "Furniture by own hands in Visio 2003.".

Some time back I have found a site www.visio-car.com. A site on Japanese language, therefore not so all is clear. From screenshots it is visible, that founders of this site wished to make evident drawings of parking, road accident and something. But having passed in section Download and having entered the e-mail, there will be an opportunity to download models of machines in format Visio. It is difficult to create such model or not? Actually approximately for 1-2 hours, at presence of a photo of a corresponding foreshortening. Accordingly having studied a method of construction I have made pair models Mercedes.



September 15, 2005
First screenshots Microsoft Office 12 have already appeared in a network. The first that essentially advanced interface of the program is evident.

Microsoft News

Microsoft Office 12 screenshots

September 09, 2005
On Microsoft Office Visio Conference 2006 which takes place on January, 19th and 20, 2006, for the first time it will be shown Visio "12". Probably after it there will be first screenshots of the program. We shall wait.

Microsoft Office Visio Conference 2006
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